Plate Lunch Music

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Click for information Seeselberg - Synthetik 1 (cd) (PL22)
Click for information Oren Ambarchi - Stacte.3 (LP) (PL15)
Click for information With Wings - Sound Snack #1 (7") 100 copies
 Metaxu - s/t (PL16) (CD)
 Philippe Blanchard/Christian Renou - play : lunch (PL13) (CD)
 Bernard Donzel-Gargand - Toile de sons (PL12) (CD)
 Gal - Defragmentation/blue (PL11) (CD)
 Klangstabil - Gioco Bambino (PL10) (CD)
 Chine Nual - Tomorrows Leaders Are Busy Tonight (PL09) (CD)
 Bernard Parmegiani - Pop'eclectic (PL08) (CD)
 Peter Cusack/Nicolas Collins - A Host, of Golden Daffodils (PL07)(CD)
Click for information Terry Fox - Ataraxia (PL06) (CD)
Marc McNulty - 'Powdered Iron Rods' (PL05) Marc McNulty - Powdered_Iron_Rods (PL05) (CD)
'noto - 
kerne' (pl04) cdnoto - kerne (pl04) cd
'Our glassie Azoth' (PL03) Our Glassie Azoth - Our Glassie Azoth (PL03) (CD)
Conrad Schnitzler '00/106' (PL02) Conrad Schnitzler - 00/106 (PL02) (CD)
Conrad Schnitzler - 'ROT' (PL01) Conrad Schnitzler - ROT (PL01)(CD)
Conrad Schnitzler - The Piano Works Vol. 1 (PLIM01) Conrad Schnitzler - The Piano Works Vol. 1 (PLIM01)(CD)