PLATE LUNCH catalog #: PL02

CONRAD SCHNITZLER - 00/106 (CD) / released June 1997



1 - 23 start ID's

Total running time: 59:47



"00/106" was recorded in 1996 and shows that Conrad… is in even tighter control of his unique sound sculpting technique, and most importantly that he has lost none of his harshness and intensity. Few concessions here to conventional audience pleasure, although for my part I take great pleasure in exploring this particular mind garden, with its stainless steel flowers and barbed wire grass. A continuous hour of audio-fracture-abstracto-mindbends, indexed into 23 user friendly stabs, shining forth with utterly brilliant sound quality.

The cartloads of 'Ambient' music I've been swimming through have a dubiously facile quality; they slip down the gullet like a tub of melted banana ice cream. Schnitzler resists, and continues to resist, familiarity; I haven't ever got used to listening to these CD's and don't expect I ever will. This man is important; you really are running out of excuses to ignore him and his music when there are CD's like this on the racks not a stone's throw from where you are.

from: "SOUND PROJECTOR" #3, UK, 1/98 --- Review by: Ed Pinsent


The mix of static dissonance and softer, dreamier tones conjure up a cinematic image of 'suspense' - someone wanders round a disused factory surrounded by off-stage booms and pricking high-pitched attacks while a dreamy flute evokes the curiosity leading them on. 23 snapshots of sleepwalking through endemic uncertainty and fleeting thrills in a web of machine-like tones

from: "THE WIRE", UK, 8/97 --- Review by: Matt Ffytche



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