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Metaxu - s/t (CD) - released September 2000



1. -4849 5:20
2. -4325 5:53
3. -3733 7:11
4. -3022 5:39
5. -2444 6:40
6. -1803 4:03
7. -1400 8:17
8. -0543 5:44

Total running time: 48:47



The first release by the Italian duo Metaxu was also Maurizio Martusciello's first significant release since his quartet Ossatura's critically acclaimed CD "Dentro" with Tim Hodgkinson, released by ReR Megacorp. Here Martusciello (sampler electroacoustic objects) teams up with samplist/plagiarist Filippo Paolini(aka Økapi). Their sound constructions borrow from electroacoustics, live electronics, and avant-garde electronica. On some tracks, glitch patterns evolve into crude beats. On others Martusciello creates rich electrical textures while Paolini develops a stolen theme (a very familiar Mellotron line in track 3 -- no need to reveal the punch line -- and a bar from a classical composition on track 5) in a way reminiscent of Martin Tétreault's early years. Even though it moves from minimalist techno to improvisation on live electronics, Metaxu seems to cover little ground. It remains for the most part claustrophobic, sterilized and two-dimensional, which is quite unexpected coming from a man who, in his previous projects Ossatura and his solo EP for Metamkine, had shown convincing talents in creating captivating sound art. This CD is not without merits and fans of Ossatura should not overlook it, but in the long run it will not stand out as one of Martusciello's strong works.

from: François Couture - All-Music Guide, May 2001

"It's a brilliant journey, so stunning, with orchestral parts and a constantly flowing mood, it's a very rich work."

from: Marc McNulty/.tiln - 5/21/2001

"The Metaxu is certainly special. Deceivingly complex/massively entertaining. Can't ask for more than that. It's a 12 star album, that's for sure. Can't get enough."

from: Peter "Brainpang" Warner - 5/18/2001

Debut-CD for the duo of Maurizio Martusciello and Filippo Paolini, a product of the meeting between a concrete sounds experimentalist and a turntablist, between microsounds and melody. They start with some analogue bleeps and end with an odd "tanti auguri per te". Amongst these extremes you find: uneasy frequencies softened by an unlikely little waltz, dry pulses assaulted by screechings, constant rhythm frames shattered by breaks of little symphonies and twisted saxophones. Sizzlings and interferences blend with violins, voices and choirs digged out who knows where. The sound is first synthetic and reduced, then concrete and more warm. In spite of some too cautious passages, the fascinating ability of Metaxu in giving life to every kind of acoustic material stands definitely out.

from: Blow Up # 29 (Italy) October 2000, written by: Daniela Cascella

"...a real jewel! outstanding work!... I am very impressed by the great balance between the deep/strong atmosphere of this recording and the use and transformation of the sounds. I didn't know the work of these two guys before and I must thank you for having introduced me to the world of 'Metaxu'!"

from: Christian Renou, 12/2000


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