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PLATE LUNCH catalog #: PL14-S01 With Wings - Sound Snack # 1 (7"-EP) ltd. to 100 numbered copies - released September 2000


1: whitting little crosses for a half-sleeping heresiarch 4:56
Rats With Wings
2: another density 2:47
3: 3. audile perhaps? 1:51

Total running time: 9:34



Liberal use of backwards tape and a nostalgic electro-acoustic approach sum up the former's working method. Tones range from a rusty gate-hinge in need of WD40 to somebody shuffling boxes around while trying to tidy the garage. Rats With Wings brew up grainy, distant hums like vintage aeroplanes passing slowly in the night. There's not much to command your attention, proving without doubt there's high-quality droning and sub-standard droning.

from: SOUND PROJECTOR # 8 (UK), 12/2000 - review: John Bagnall


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